“One Hour Offline” Event and eTwinning Project was Started on eTwinning

For the “Social Media Addiction, Social Life’s Extinction” KA201 strategic partnership project in the field school education supported by the Turkish National Agency, “One Hour Offline” Campaign was started in the section of Events on eTwinning. It is supported by teachers from all provinces and from program countries. The continuity of the activities is ensured and the project reaches a higher audience in this way.

Also, an eTwinning project was started and approved  so that it will support our Erasmus+ project, increase the impact of the project and disseminate the activities of the project. Teachers teaching the age group of 12-18 years in our country and from all the program countries. It is aimed at increasing the number of partners and impact zone of the project and disseminating and publicizing the project in implementation.






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